Video star in DE domain

Generate events similar to H263 Encoder, starting at time zero.

Derived from: DERepeatStar
Location: DE main library
Version: 1.10 "3/2/95"
Author: Frank fitzek




CodingTypeStringState MPEG4 and H263x is supported "H263"
TraceListStringState file name were trace files are specified "H263TraceList.dat"
InputDirStringState location of trace files and this->TraceList "$TRACE_PT_DIR/"
framescaleFloatState scaling the frame size "1.0"
OffsetFloatState uniform random phase for sequence start "0.0"
maxFrameSizeIntState larger frames will be skipped "1000.0"
DurationIntState uniform random trace duration in sec "1000.0"
DEBUGIntState different DEBUG level for stdout "3"

See: source code, Ptolemy Example

Telecommunication Networks TKN : Technical University Berlin